2018: a Bonanza Year for WASPS
– and Midges and Mozzies!

LEMONGRASS WASP SPRAY is Natural, Effective, Chemical Free. Made of natural plant-extracts, this spray is SAFE on FOOD & DRINK. All our ingredients are safe to breathe, to use, and even edible!

Last summer, the D*SN*Y Corporation (yes, that D*SN*Y!!) had a wasp problem on location when they were filming in the UK. They ordered our Lemongrass Wasp Spay in bulk, and then re-ordered – so they found it works! And this summer of 2018, the Testimonials have been flooding in, from Greece, from France, from Wales, even from Scotland concerning the Midges.

As someone that’s got a phobia of wasps I genuinely recommend this product as a way of keeping as many away from you as possible and it’s really reassuring to have it to hand to spray if they do come near. I’ll definitely be buying it again each Summer!


August 24 2018

Just wanted to say a huge thank you. Your anti wasp spray worked wonders on our recent holiday to Greece. Recommended to fellow holidaymakers so hopefully generate some more orders for you!


August 25 2018

Many thanks. I ordered the insect repellents last year and they were great. I managed a week’s holiday (in south of France) without being bitten which for me was amazing. I am usually bitten all over …the fragrance is lovely and the fine mist very refreshing.


June 5 2018

Some tips about Wasps and how to deal with them:

  • Wasps hate the smell of Lemongrass, it disrupts their olfactory system (their acute sense of smell). But we humans love the smell of Lemongrass – and the flavour: some of our customers maintain it adds to the flavour of salads, drinks, sandwiches!
  • Do not lose your cool. Try and keep everyone calm.
  • Wasps area not trying to sting you, they are trying to find food for their young.
  • Do NOT try and kill them, the smell they release if crushed makes other wasps aggressive.
  • Do NOT bat at them with a rolled up newspaper -that’s the worst thing you can do as sudden movement upsets them.
  • It’s important to trap – or at least to repel – the first wasp you see, as it may be a ‘messenger’ wasp who will alert the whole colony to good food sources.
  • To read more about Wasps https://www.lemongrasstrading.com/what-to-do-about-wasps/Q & A on WASPS

Natural Lemongrass Products


The Lemongrass Trading Company’s aim is to make this wonderful natural essence more widely known and better used. Be safe, go green, stay chemical-free.

Lemongrass not only smells pure and fresh, but has amazing botanical properties. It is a natural insect deterrent – we have natural Lemongrass sprays to repel Clothes Moths, Wasps, Mosquitoes, Midges. Our sprays are effective against so many insects, indoors and out. They are laboratory tested at the University of Bristol. They are safe to breathe, and smell delicious.

Lemongrass is a safe, natural active deodorant – so try our Room Freshener or Car Freshener and have no more unwanted smells in the bathroom, kitchen, car, nursery or office. It will even absorb cigarette smoke. Unlike so many fresheners, Lemongrass is pet- and family-safe, great to breathe, and (unlike some other fresheners) is chemical-free, with no toxic fumes

Lemongrass is anti-bacterial & anti-fungal, perfect for taking the whiff out of smelly feet. Refresh your trainers, sweaty shoes, yoga and sports kit with TrainerFresh, YogaFresh.

We hope to fill your life with fresh, delicious fragrance that allows you to breathe safely while keeping away those insects. Be uplifted by the refreshing fragrance. Try one of these versatile and healing Lemongrass products. Make natural Lemongrass the go-to solution for a safe, refreshing and insect-free life.


We mix all our natural Lemongrass products ourselves, using pure plant extracts with no added chemicals or synthetics. That’s why our sprays smell so wonderfully fresh, and are absolutely safe to breathe.


Thank you so much. Your product is amazing! I’ve just placed an order for 6 more bottles, so please do let me know the postage for it to Geneva. I was thrilled with the Anti-Wasp spray: I was at a rooftop bar last night which was plagued with wasps – all except our table, where I used your spray liberally. We also have a hornet problem due to the dry, hot summer – I don’t know if you think it might work on these as well? [Yes!] Anyway, I thought I’d give you this feedback and I look forward to keeping the wasps away in future!

Sarah H

Switzerland, August 2016

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