Natural Lemongrass Products

As soon as you smell the fresh, citrus-y fragrance of our pure natural Lemongrass we guarantee you’ll fall in love with it! We say that because so many of customers – men and women – let us know how much they appreciate this new refreshing and delicious smell as they use our sprays, soaps and sachets in home, car, or even office.

You will love the fragrance of our natural Lemongrass products around the house: in the kitchen (no more burned toast), in the loo or bathroom (no unwelcome odours), and in the car (no lingering cigarette smoke or that smell of wet and muddy dog!). Lemongrass lifts the spirits and refreshes tired rooms. It’s great in offices at the end of the day, and will freshen smelly Trainers and sports shoes after a run or a visit to the gym. Move over Lavender! Lemongrass is here – it’s fresher, more effective and uplifting –no trace of fustiness or old-lady lavender in our sprays and sachets!

Lemongrass has these amazing botanical properties – anti-insect, anti-bacterial, naturally deodorant and (in a powerful combination with Cedarwood) anti-clothes moth. Lemongrass is a natural insect deterrent (like citronella but smelling 100 times sweeter!) For generations it has been used traditionally to repel Moths, Mosquitoes, Midges and other insects – take a look at our natural Anti-Bug Brigade, in a range of pocket-size different mixtures.

We mix all our natural Lemongrass products ourselves, using no added chemicals or synthetics – just pure plant extracts and natural Essential Oils of Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Lemon Eucalyptus and anti-fungal Neem. Perfect for any one with chemical hypersensitivity

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The Lemongrass Trading Company makes fresh and natural sprays and 'green' insecticides that are effective, safe and smell wonderful

Lemongrass has these amazing botanical properties – it is naturally
  • anti-insect – our sprays repel Moths, Wasps, Mosquitoes, Midges
  • anti-bacterial & anti-fungal – ideal for keeping Spots shoes and Gym kit fresh
  • active natural deodorant – no unwanted smells from bathroom, car, nursery
  • refreshingly fragrant with a wonderful scent that is pure, delicious and uplifting
All our 100% natural Lemongrass products we mix ourselves, using pure plant extracts and no added chemicals, synthetics or artificial fragrances. That's why our sprays smell so wonderfully fresh, and are absolutely safe to breathe