The colours of October and the poignant beauty of autumn enhanced our faith in nature. With all the worries of air pollution, chemical saturation and food scandals, we need to declare once more our belief in the natural, the chemical-free, the organic and the environmentally friendly. This is a good moment, as the clocks change back and the afternoons grow darker, to restate our vision of nature, green values, and safer products in our homes.


The Lemongrass Trading Company is dedicated to
• SAVING you from Midges, Mozzies & biting insects.
• SAVING your precious cashmere & clothes from the Moths.
• SAVING you from toxic smells with natural Lemongrass fragrance.
• and ultimately, one step at a time for each of us,
LET’S SAVE the Planet
from its present chemical overload!  (no pressure there then!)
  • LEMONGRASS smells wonderful – fresh, citrusy, uplifting.
    But it also has amazing natural powers: it is antibacterial,
    anti-fungal, naturally deodorant & a natural insecticide –
    we want to spread the word about this amazing plant

    So let’s do our bit to become more chemical-free.
    • Fill your home with the delicious fragrance of Lemongrass.
    • Be Mindful & breathe deeply with our Yoga Fresh range.
    • Make the world smell sweeter the natural, herbal way –
    that includes Trainers & even the teenagers who wear them
    • Find protection from many insects if you’re off traveling.
    • Forget toxic Moth balls! Lemongrass gives Moth Protection
    that makes clothes smell delicious & is safe to breathe.