Those dreaded 3Ms, the Three Mosquiteers, are preparing to blight our summer days: Mosquitoes, Midges, and (Her-Indoors) the Clothes Moth!

At last, wonderful sunny days (keeping fingers crossed) when it’s sheer bliss to be out of doors. The country’s looking wonderful, decked in all its bridal white: hawthorn, cow parsley, daisies and white lilac. The parks are filled with children suddenly free and having fun. The sun warming our skin, lifting our spirits.

The warmth brings out our summer frocks, our bare legs and winter arms, all yearning for the sun. But, alas, the insects love warmth too. They’re hatching out all over, those midges and mosquitoes, hungry for a bite of tender flesh. And indoors, those clothes moths keep on emerging, after eating their fill of the most expensive clothes we’ve got.

Time to Act!  Natural Solution to summer insects:

With the sunshine and the sparkle, that’s the downside. We call these insects the terrible Three Mosquiteers: mosquitoes, midges and moths. You need protection, but not with any old chemical cosh! These are the reasons why The Lemongrass Trading Company has spent the last two years making the most effective natural insect sprays we can.

  • NATURAL because there are already enough toxic chemicals harming the world. We use only pure, natural and plant-based ingredients – that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • CLOSE UP & PERSONAL, these are sprays that affect your body, so we ensure they are chemical-free and pure.
  • AVOID THE TOXIC FUMES: Any insect spray you use, you are virtually bound to breathe in, to absorb through your skin, while the sprays continue to hang in the air. Many sprays may be actually toxic,
  • SMELL GOOD INSTEAD! Think how harsh and chemical most insect sprays smell. They catch in the throat, and cling to your skin.
  • But LEMONGRASS smells absolutely wonderful. It’s fresh, it’s inspiring, it lifts the spirit, and it’s perfect for men and women and especially children with their delicate skins.


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