The bad news is that there are 4400 species of Aphid, and at least 250 of them are serious pests in horticulture. No wonder for the last 50 years we have been drenching them in often toxic chemicals.

The good news is that Lemongrass is one of Nature’s own weapons that will keep these Aphids at bay. Working with the University of Bristol, we have developed a safe, all-Natural Anti-Aphid spray, using Lemongrass – plus other traditional plant extracts.  https://www.lemongrasstrading.com/lemongrass-products/anti-insect/

As every gardener knows, aphids can multiply before your very eyes! You spot a couple of these sap-sucking insects at the tip of some new growth, and suddenly there’s a plague of them– whiteflies, greenfly, scale insects ­– sapping the tender seedlings in the greenhouse, destroying the burgeoning plants in polytunnels.

This year’s battle is about to begin in earnest.

There are over 4400 species of aphid, at least 250 of them serious pests in horticulture and agriculture. Multiple generations breed in a single summer – reproducing in a bizarre number of ways, sexual and asexual, producing clones, juveniles, sometimes eggs. In warm weather, the  female doesn’t need a mate – her clones develop within days, attacking tender shoots and, all too soon, breeding a new generation of themselves. In cold weather, a male aphid is needed, to fertilise eggs that will over-winter on tougher, woodier plants.


Aphid damage can be really serious, and there are many products out there. The shelves are packed with labels saying KILL,  DESTROY or ELIMINATE! But which solutions are safe? The problem IS two-fold:  how to deal with aphids, and how to do it safely. We need solutions that are safe to breathe, safe to spray on crops, safe for beneficial insects, safe for the environment.

The Lemongrass Trading Company uses only safe (and mostly edible) ingredients found in Nature. NO added chemicals, no preservatives, no synthetic fragrance, no ingredients made from animal or petroleum sources. Just Safe-to-Breathe, Environmentally-Friendly ‘green’ biocides that will save your plants, your health and the planet (every drop counts!)

The Lemongrass Trading Company’s brand new Anti-Aphid Spray works in a rather different way from the usual, chemical spray. The adult aphid does not drop down dead as soon as the spray touches it  – but allow a little while for the Lemongrass to go to work, and you’ll soon see the corpses.  On my Lilies, which had a sudden invasion of whitefly last week, I sprayed the Lemongrass spray in the early morning, and in the late afternoon drenched the leaves with plain water.
As always:

  • it’s important to spray the underside of leaves too.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, or intense heat.
  • For sightliness, I’d recommend a light spritz of water in the evening to freshen and rinse off the bodies
  • Where the leaves are evergreen or quite large, such as on Citrus plants, I wipe the down with a damp cloth.


    What’s really new and important about The Lemongrass Trading Company’s  Aphid Spray is that it’s designed to interrupt the breeding cycle. Everything we produce is  made up of natural ingredients and for this spray we have used natural insecticide Lemongrass plus Lemon Eucalyptus and other plant extracts that are known to stop the sap-sucking larvae – and adults – from feeding.  That ‘s how the Lemongrass Aphid Spray is so effective. Even if the next generation comes into being, they will be unable to eat your shoots, your seedlings, your tender young plants, In short, they starve. No more aphid infestation. No more population explosions.


  • Successfully tested by the University of Bristol, this Lemongrass Aphid Spray is 100% natural, made only from plant extracts: safe to breathe, safe on crops, non-polluting, and incidentally it smells deliciously of Lemongrass. Many sprays are full of chemicals and not safe to breathe in the confines of greenhouse or polytunnel. Some are actually toxic.
  • This spray works rather differently: it may not be as instantly effective as other chemical sprays, but you will soon detect the effects, and aphids will no longer be active.
  • Above all, you will find that there is no further infestation, as reproduction and feeding will have been stopped.
  • The key is to act fast: spray as soon as aphids are seen.
  • This is a contact spray, and plants need to be thoroughly covered with the mixture. Spray on both sides of foliage (to give aphids no refuge!) as the spray has no residual effects – which is great for the environment and water sources



The Lemongrass Aphid Spray works effectively against biting and sucking insects, and it’s important to realize the difference between its effect on them and on beneficial insects like bees. Aphids feed on the sap of tender shoots, while bees are nectar-seeking. Because one of this Aphid Spray’s major functions is that it prevents the aphids from continuing to feed on sprayed plants, and moreover it stops the juveniles from developing.



Spray thoroughly; saturate aphids; and cover leaves on both sides.

Repeat as necessary. Most effective in early morning or after 5pm.

Do not spray plants in full sunlight. In case of scorch, spray with cool water.

Keep Spray Bottle cool. Store out of the sun.