THE TIMES Fashion director, Anna Murphy chose the Anti- Moth Lemongrass Repellent Spray, as her “weapon of choice” against clothes moths! 100% Natural, with no added chemicals, the Lemongrass Trading Company’s range of Anti- Moth products had a tremendous boost when Anna Murphy singled us out.

Featuring us in her Times’ column, she described all the toxic methods she had previously used for keeping her wardrobe moth-free. Then, trying to cut the amount of chemicals in her life, last year she discovered our Natural Lemongrass & Cedarwood Anti-Moth spray. Now, (we were pleased to learn!) her choice weapon of moth destruction is our Lemongrass and she happily reports that the only holes in her clothes now ‘have been put there by design’.

It was a lovely tribute, and a timely one. As clothes moths continue to emerge all summer, stay vigilant as they flutter out from dark corners of cupboards, drawers and rooms, searching for your cashmere and all the clothes you really love, even as you are reading this.

“I never used to have a problem with moths … the problem started a couple of years ago, when I reduced the toxins in my life. My sartorial Sellafield had to go; instead I went the sandalwood and lavender-bag route. Oh how those moths laughed, or rather ate….

“Then last year a friend recommended the Lemongrass Trading Company, whose anti-moth products are free of chemicals. I hope I’m not tempting fate here, but they do seem to work. Its Anti-Moth Closet spray contains moth-repelling lemongrass and cedarwood and since I started using it last spring the only holes in my clothes have been those put there by design…

“I have found my weapon of choice!”

Lemongrass Anti- Moth Repellent Spray


The Times