Anti-InsectLike cute toy soldiers on parade, take a look at this Anti-Bug brigade!

100% Natural Air Sprays made with pure Lemongrass, Neem and other plant extracts, scientifically proven to repel insects.  And this year we need them. This summer is being called “The Summer of Bugs”. Entomologists report that we are “being eaten alive” by the perfect storm of biting insects that are thriving in this uncharacteristically hot and humid air.

Imagine a picnic without wasps, gardening with out horse flies, camping without midges… Imagine a siesta in a hotel room that is free of mosquitoes and smells of fresh lemongrass instead of horrible chemicals.… These Air Sprays are the answer: effective, delicious smelling, all-natural, and specially produced in travel-sizes, cute and perfect for hand-luggage.

This summer’s magic WMDs – Weapons of Midge Deterrence! – consist of these pure Lemongrass Sprays that are pet- and family-safe, all natural with no added chemicals, hand-mixed and bottled in Dorset.

If you want to keep away those wretched mosquitoes, midges, wasps and flies at bay, The Lemongrass Trading Company makes a different mix to spray away every irritating summer pest.

Anti-Mozzie? Choose the red alert. St Andrew’s blue will repel the Midges. Wasps can’t abide the yellow spray with added Neem and the green a miniature version of the best selling Anti-Moth.

The Lemongrass Trading Company Air Sprays are to be found at www.lemongrasstrading.com or stocked atCowdray Park:

  • Anti-Mosquito, Anti-Wasp, Anti-Midge, Anti-Moth

RRP £5.95 (50ml)

  • Buy all 4 for the price of 3.


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