Cedarwood is one of Nature’s crucial WMDs – her ‘Weapons of Moth Deterrence!’

For centuries, people have known and valued the powers of Cedarwood.

Cedarwood as Insect repellent

Cedarwood is still one of the purest, most natural ways to protect your clothes against Moths. In many countries it has traditionally been used to repel insects (especially moths) – and that is why we use Cedarwood Oil in our All-Natural, Chemical-Free Anti-Moth products, to act as a protection for your most precious clothing.  It  is a crucial ingredient in our Lemongrass Anti-Moth Closet SprayLemongrass Anti-Moth Drawer Sachets and Anti-Moth Lemongrass Hanging Sachets.

Cedarwood is often used in incense: its perfume is rich and warm and combines beautifully with our Lemongrass Essential Oil.
It has medicinal qualities, traditionally used to help respiration, to relieve colds and bronchitis, and is reputed to be calming and soothing – all great additional qualities for our Household products!

Cedar’s Historical Uses

The Cedar (Cedrus deodara) is a magnificent tree that grows up to a thousand feet (30 metres) in the mountains of the western Himalayas, where it is native.  It has long been known for the beauty and longevity of its timber  –  cedar was used by Solomon to build the renowned Temple in Jerusalem, and is described and honoured in the Psalms and the Old Testament of the Bible.

Traditionally Cedar was used as an important element in some of the finest English furniture. In the 18th Century it was known as a natural insect repellent, and to line cupboards, drawers and linen chests in the eternal fight against the Moth!