1: Kill the pesky little thing (of course, if you can)

2: Shake out the garment hard – it’s the eggs not the moth you should fear.

3: Then – if you can spare the item for three weeks – head for the freezer!

4: Clear a space – will you ever eat those runner beans, or half lasagne?

5: I know, I know, three weeks is a long time to lose a favourite sweater, but remember you may be saving its life! The thing is, nothing eliminates the eggs, nothing (not even dry cleaning chemicals. But three weeks in the freezer will cover the life-cycle of the moth, and your favourite’s life will be saved.

6: Ideally

·      wash it

·      get it really dry

·      fold carefully and wrap in impenetrable plastic

·      then freeze it. If it’s a whole suit or coat you can’t

7:  Shake out the item, air it, and rejoice! Your favourite garment is safe and ready to put on.

Top tip: use our Lemongrass Anti-Moth Closet Spray to prevent future troubles.


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