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How to Avoid a Moth Disaster
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It’s not your imagination: there is a100% Increase in the number of Clothes Moths now breeding this year. English Heritage has noted this scary increase as curators struggle to protect historic clothes, precious rugs, tapestries and curtains from moth damage.

Don’t think moths only go for heritage objects. Even now they’re hellbent on seeking out your wardrobes and cupboards, with every intention of devouring your cashmere, your silk, your expensive coat or suit. Now is the time to wage war on moths before they start their damage. Our Lemongrass and Cedarwood Sprays are a safe and effective way to deal with moths: made only of plant extracts, the sprays smell wonderful, refresh your clothes, and are absolutely safe to breathe. Spray lightly and spray often, stay vigilant and keep every dark corner clean ­– you can say goodbye to moths!

Older methods of moth control ­– remember Moth Balls? ­– have been rightly banned, often consisting of toxic chemicals. There are still harsh chemical products available, but we believe in greener, natural methods that will not harm you or your family, your pets or the environment. Our active ingredients have been tested in the Laboratories of the University of Bristol, so we know they are safe to breathe, effective – and wonderfully fragrant.

Questions and Answers about Moths:

Why are moths flourishing 5-fold?
Mild winters, central heating, more luxury cashmere; and we no longer follow the strict spring cleaning rituals of our mothers. All these things add up to a warm and cosy environment, with plenty for the moth larvae to feed on – they love hair and fur and little splashes of food, preferably undisturbed and in the dark.

What to do when you spot a moth?
Act immediately. If the moth fluttered out of clothing, she may already have laid eggs. Take out the garment, brush it carefully, especially at the seams, wash or dry clean if necessary, spray lightly with Lemongrass and Cedarwood Spray. Wrap each garment individually in a plastic bag, and if you can, put it in the freezer for up to 3 weeks.

Why so long?
Domestic freezers are not generally cold enough to stop all moth activity. 3 weeks gives eggs the time to hatch, then freeze the larvae before they can do damage.

Why do moths choose the most expensive clothes?
I sometimes think they can read the labels! When the female lays her eggs, she is looking for the most favourable environment for her offspring to feed on – the softest fibre, plus a bit of dirt or sweat or human traces. The best weapon is to be scrupulously clean.

  • Vacuum thoroughly – dark corners, between floorboards, at the back of cupboards.
  • Wash or dry clean before you store your winter clothes.
  • Then spray generously with Lemongrass & Cedarwood Anti-Moth Spray.

Yes, in this case cleanliness is next to mothlessness!

Please get in touch if you have other questions, and we’ll answer every query.

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Hi Stacy,
We have tried your Lemongrass Anti-Moth products in the office and we are in lust!
We will be including the range in the magazine in June.


Knit & Crochet Magazine, May 2016

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