We don’t use the word Miracle lightly, but LEMONGRASS really is something of a Miracle! You know that Lemongrass has astonishing qualities of taste and smell, but did you know that it has natural anti-insect and antibacterial powers that make it the perfect ingredient for wonderful smelling, Chemical-Free Household and Anti-Moth products?

LEMONGRASS really is one of the good guys!

Lemongrass grows in the wild and is the perfect environmentally-friendly plant, needing no artificial fertilizer or pesticides (in fact it is used as a natural pesticide itself). The stems are used in cooking for their delicious flavour. The leaves are used in rooms and closets to deter insects (yes – even those four terrible Ms: MOTHS, MOSQUITOES, MIDGES and MITES!) The distilled Essential Oil refreshes your home with its wonderful citrus-y smell and its deodorant powers. In fact, every part of this generous plant is used to do good to almost everything – except to insects!

The LEMONGRASS TRADING COMPANY is ready to launch the Miraculous powers of LEMONGRASS on a waiting world!
 We don’t use the word Miracle lightly, but LEMONGRASS has astonishing qualities.

A Miracle Spray

You can look to one of our LEMONGRASS Freshener Sprays to make your environment smell wonderful – equally effective and delightful in the office or the car, in bathrooms and in kitchens. The smell of Lemongrass is refreshing, uplifting, and and equally loved by men and women. Lose unpleasant fumes and odours (even cigarette smoke) with sprays that have NO ADDED CHEMICALS and NO TOXIC ADDITIVES.  See what we mean by Miraculous?

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All products of the Lemongrass Trading Company are made from 100% Natural, Plant-Based ingredients, with NO Added Chemicals, NO Preservatives, NO Artificial Fragrances, NO Animal Testing.