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Christmas Gift Boxes:


Check out our wonderful new and original Christmas Gifts. Cool Gift Boxes each containing 3 different Lemongrass sprays.
Every product is made from All-NATURAL plant extracts and is Chemical Free. Deliciously fragrant. Safe to breathe. Eco-friendly.

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Great, Green & Good! Christmas Gift Boxes

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  • intrepid TRAVELLERS need Deet-free mosquito spray, Lemongrass freshener & safe insect spray.
  • those into YOGA & MEDITATION: love Yoga Fresh for calm, for focus and for cleansing Yoga mats after use.
  • keen GARDENERS welcome chemical-free sprays that deal safely with Midges, Aphids, Wasps.
  • HOUSE & HOME lovers give thanks for safe Moth prevention, for fresh Lemongrass Room & Linen sprays.
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Free UK postage – contact us for other countries.

BUY NOW. SAVE 10%:   https://www.lemongrasstrading.com/christmas-gifts/

Special Christmas Box set: Lemongrass Anti-Mosquito, Lemongrass Room Freshener, Lemongrass Anti-Fly SpraySpecial Christmas Box set: Lemongrass Anti-Midge Repellent, Lemongrass Anti-Aphid Spray, Lemongrass Anti-Wasp SpraySpecial Christmas Box set: Lemongrass Yoga Fresh Cleanse & Inspire, Lemongrass Yoga Fresh Calm & Serene, Lemongrass Yoga Fresh Stay Focused
What’s more, you can order now, in advance and we will send your GIFT BOX with a Greetings Card direct to your named recipient in the weeks before Christmas.
For friends and family abroad, we’ll follow Post Office advice and mail in good time for gifts to arrive before Christmas.. But please contact us for postal rates – so sorry postage abroad can’t be free, even for Black Friday!

Christmas Gifts