Nature’s Non-Chemical Weapons of Moth Destruction

Cedarwood is one of Nature’s crucial WMDs – her ‘Weapons of Moth Deterrence!’ For centuries, people have known and valued the powers of Cedarwood.

Lemongrass , Cedarwood and Eucalyptus  are all part of Nature’s own Weapons of Moth Destruction

For generations, these powerful essential oils have been used to protect delicate fabrics, fine wools & valuable silks from insects, especially Moths. So many household products are full of harsh chemicals that give out toxic fumes. The Lemongrass Trading Company’s products are 100% natural, safe to breathe, sweet-smelling, family-safe. We use pure Lemongrass & Cedarwood and other plant extracts, with no added chemicals, no synthetics, no artificial fragrance. Natural and Non-Toxic

Anti-Moth Advice

7 Weapons of Moth Destruction

  1. CLEAN – keep everything spotless – moths will hone in on each speck or splash  and (not nice to say it) any trace of sweat
  2. VACUUM – keep every dark corner or closet free of dust – it’s where they’ll breed.
  3. FREEZE – the freezer is a girl’s best friend! Nothing else truly destroys the eggs. Wash or dry clean. Wrap well. The place in the freezer for THREE weeks.
  4. WRAP – it may be a nuisance, but wrap every piece separately. Before you suspect it, the larvae can munch through a whole pile of your cashmere.
  5. TRAP – pheromone traps are one of the best chemical solutions – you’ll see just home many moths there are. But they only get the males so you’ll need more.
  6. BE VIGILANT – unfortunately moths keep on coming – hatching between April and October. But never give up. Spray them, trap them, bat them down…and when one flutters out of your cashmere freeze it.
  7. PURE LEMONGRASSAll Natural – the trouble with chemical sprays is that they can be toxic. That’s why we developed anti-moth sprays, mats, sachets  and drawer liners that are family safe – 100% natural, made in the UK, of pure Lemongrass and Cedarwood Oil, and other plant extracts & ingredients that are all natural, plant-based and eco-friendly.

Some of this advice is a bore to do but it really does work!

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