The Observer Ethical AwardsYou may remember, if you can cast your mind back that far, that last May we featured in the ‘Green Crushes’ section of The Observer magazine.

This year we have been invited to attend the annual Observer Ethical Awards, the glamorous evening is being held at the V&A on Thursday 2nd July and will feature the very best, and the most green, companies and products the UK has to offer.

As one of The Observers ‘Green Crushes’ we have provided 400 (yes, 400!!) TrainerMates for the goodie bags. Whilst it was a hard slog getting the mixture made and bottled, we are hugely excited by the prospect of 400 people getting the chance to try one of our newest (and best-selling) products.

On Friday morning my head will filled with images of people trying out their sprays to combat the smelly odours that may lurk in their shoes.

Above is the piece from The Observer (May 2014) in case you missed it!


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