isLemongrass Trading Co.

  • To SAVE your family from Midges, Mozzies, Wasps & biting insects
    To SAVE your precious cashmere & clothes from Moths
    To SAVE you from unpleasant and sometimes toxic smells
    To SAVE the Planet from its present chemical overload!

(no pressure there then!)

You already know that LEMONGRASS tastes wonderful, and it smells wonderful too – fresh, citrusy, uplifting. But that’s not the end of the matter,  because Lemongrass also has amazing natural powers:  it is antibacterial, anti-fungal, naturally deodorant & a brilliant natural insecticide.
We want to spread the word about this amazing plant
So let’s do our bit for our homes, our loved ones, and the planet!

  • Fill your home with delicious fragrance of Lemongrass
  • Make the world smell sweeter the natural, herbal way
    and that includes trainers ­ even teenage bedrooms!
  • Be Mindful & breathe deeply with our Yoga Fresh range.
  • Find protection from insects if you’re off on your travels.
  • Forget toxic Moth balls! Lemongrass gives Moth Protection
    that makes your clothes smell delicious & is safe to breathe.
The Internet does amazing things but you don’t get to smell the Lemongrass!
• Forget Moth Balls (remember how horrible they were?) Come and smell our fragrant pure & natural Lemongrass &Cedarwood Anti-Moth Closet Spray.

• Remember the panic at picnics when Wasps descended? Our Wasp Spray is made of all-edible ingredients. Wasps hate the smell of Lemongrass because it disrupts their nervous system, but man and women love it – it’s safe sprayed over food & drink, and some people even claim it enhances the flavour of a BBQ!

• Chill out at your Yoga practice with our natural Yoga Fresh sprays: there is   “Cleanse & Inspire” with Palma Rosa. It fills the air with fragrance and with its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties can cleanse your Yoga mat too.

Yoga Fresh “Calm & Serene” has added Roman Chamomile to bring tranquility, great for deep breathing, Meditation & Mindfulness.  And our
Yoga Fresh “Stay Focused” is brilliant in times of Stress, great . in Exams as Rosemary helps give clarity and a boost to memory.