Anti-Midge Lemongrass Repellent Spray


This Lemongrass Anti- Midge Natural Repellent Spray is safe, effective and made of all-natural plant ingredients, containing no added chemicals.



Lemongrass Anti- Midge Natural Repellent Spray

This 100% natural and effective Anti- Midge Repellent Spray is made from pure Lemongrass essential oil with Eucalyptus and Bog Myrtle, traditionally used in Scotland to deal with midges.

This all-natural Anti- Midge Natural Repellent Spray is made from Lemongrass, Eucalyptus & Bog Myrtle, the traditional Scottish midge repellent.

Lemongrass  Anti- Midge Repellent Spray is safe and effective, with a refreshing citrus fragrance that both men and women seem to love. Only insects hate it!

Made with pure  Lemongrass essential oil and other natural plant extracts, it contains no added chemicals, no synthetics, no artificial fragrance or preservatives (unlike so many other Insect Repellents full of harsh and often toxic chemicals).

Ideal for walking, for gardening, riding and fishing too – this Lemongrass Anti- Midge Natural Repellent Spray is the go-to all-natural remedy for anyone who has suffered from a midge attack. Local horse riders swear it is effective against Horse Flies too. It is certainly brilliant in getting rid of those tiny and horrible Fruit Flies that gather round dustbins.

No spray can kill all the midges, but the combination of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus & Bog Myrtle will keep them away. The Lemongrass Anti- Midge Natural Repellent Spray is completely safe to breathe, safe for the family, even safe on food. Because we use entirely EDIBLE ingredients, these sprays are completely safe even if droplets land on food or drink at picnics, BBQs or outdoor meals.

Remember, midges are at their most numerous and annoying in the evening, so close any window or tent doorway etc. and create a ‘bubble’ of Lemongrass around you.  you’ll need to spray lightly and spray often, on arms, neck and hairline in particular.

Rescue your holidays from an insect invasion with our 100% natural and effective Repellent Sprays – there are  Lemograss Repellent Sprays for Midge, Mosquito, and Wasp too.

When camping, hiking, visiting lakes, rivers, forests, lochs, or the banks and braes of Bonnie Scotland, take a Lemongrass Anti-Midge Spray in your pocket. Whenever you are picnicking or dining al fresco, these insect repellent sprays are ideal.

Available in an elegant 125ml aluminium recyclable Spray bottle, or a 50ml Mini Spray to slip into any pocket, picnic bag or backpack.

  • Laboratory tested at the University of Bristol.
  • Safe, green and eco-friendly.
  • Made with pure Lemongrass essential oil and other natural plant extracts, it contains no added chemicals, no synthetics, no artificial fragrance.
  • Food Safe – only edible ingredients
  • Effective and completely safe to breathe.
  • 125ml elegant aluminium bottle with spray.
  • 50ml pocket-sized spray, ideal for slipping into backpack, picnic basket, pocket.


Shake well. Spray Lightly. Spray Often.
Store in a cool place.

Avoid direct contact with eyes.
In case of irritation rinse with cold water. Not for consumption.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Store away from direct sunlight.

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