Anti-Wasp Lemongrass Spray


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Anti-Wasp Lemongrass Spray

It’s edible! Safe on Food & Drink

This Anti- Wasp Lemongrass Repellent Spray is all-natural, safe and effective because it is made from purely edible plants. That makes the spray perfect for BBQs, picnics, camping, outdoor patio dining, sandwiches on the beach or ice creams in the park. This 100% natural insect repellent spray is made from pure Lemongrass Essential Oil, Palma Rosa and Lemon Eucalyptus, completely safe to spray near food, children and pets.

Many other Wasp Sprays are made of harsh – and sometimes toxic – chemicals, so the purity and natural safety of our Lemongrass Anti- Wasp Spray is unique. Our Wasp Repellent Spray contains no added chemicals and all the ingredients are edible so it is safe to spray near your food or drink. Keep this spray handy every time you intend to eat out of doors, to ensure that wasps don’t ruin your best occasion.

Some tips about Wasps and how to deal with them:

  • Wasps hate the smell of Lemongrass, it disrupts their olfactory system (their acute sense of smell). But we humans love the smell of Lemongrass – and the flavour: some of our customers maintain it adds to the flavour of salads, drinks, sandwiches!
  • Do not lose your cool. Try and keep everyone calm.
  • Wasps area not trying to sting you, they are trying to find food for their young.
  • Do NOT try and kill them, the smell they release if crushed makes other wasps aggressive.
  • Do NOT bat at them with a rolled up newspaper -that’s the worst thing you can do as sudden movement upsets them.
  • It’s important to trap – or at least to repel – the first wasp you see, as it may be a ‘messenger’ wasp who will alert the whole colony to good food sources.
  • To read more about Wasps https://www.lemongrasstrading.com/what-to-do-about-wasps/Q & A on WASPS

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The Anti- Wasp Lemongrass Spray is available in an all-summer size of 125ml, or a convenient and portable 50ml size that fits easily into a picnic basket, handbag. or pocket. Ideal for holidays, backpacking, BBQs, outdoor drinks, picnics – all those occasions a wasp attack can ruin.

  • Anti- Wasp Lemongrass Spray is an all-natural Insect Repellent
  • Made with Pure Lemongrass and plant extracts
  • No added chemicals.
  • Safe for food, family, pets.
  • 125ml size for an outdoor summer, or 50ml size that slips easily into pocket, bag or picnic basket.

To use: Spray lightly and often. Spray the air around you, around your children and around your food. Indoors, spray around open doorways and windows.

Avoid direct spray into eyes. In case of irritation rinse with cold water. Keep the bottle out of reach of children and pets.

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