Aphid Natural Lemongrass Spray


Aphid Natural Lemongrass Spray protects young plants and tender shoots from attacks by greenfly, whiteflies – all aphid infestations. Made with all natural, plant extracts and Lemongrass, Neem and Eucalyptus essential oils. Safe to breathe, green, effective and eco-friendly.




Aphid Natural Lemongrass Spray

Lemongrass & Neem Natural Aphid Spray is safe, effective and does not harm bees or the environment.

100% Natural with no added chemicals. This Aphid Natural Lemongrass Spray is a new way to prevent and protect against Aphids.

Safe to breathe and safe on crops. Environmentally friendly. Suitable for use Indoors or Out.

Our new Aphid Natural Lemongrass Spray works quite differently from other chemical sprays that can be toxic. Our all-natural spray works by breaking the breeding cycle of Aphids. We use no synthetics, no added chemicals, only natural plant ingredients that stop the larvae from feeding. Laboratory Tested by the University of Bristol. Safe to breathe and safe on crops, fruit, salads.

As a gardener you’ll know just how many whiteflies, greenfly and other garden pests seem hell-bent on feeding on your tender young plants, your delicate seedlings! You’ll know how quickly a scattering of aphids can multiply and become an infestation. That’s why we have concentrated our research on preventing aphids from breeding. Instead of killing the adults with chemicals that can be toxic for bees and other beneficial and nectar-seeking insects, we stop the aphid young from feeding.

There are more than 4000  types of aphids, and they reproduce in every imaginable way! So it makes sense to put a stop to the young, whose sucking and chewing does the damage to your shoots and buds. Don’t be disappointed if the adults do not drop down dead immediately – just check later and you should see that the infestation has gone. If suitable, then rinse off with cold water spray – for looks, not necessary for safety!

To Use

  •  Shake well, and store in a cool spot – never in direct sunlight. 
  • Suitable for use both indoors or outdoors. The all-natural spray is safe to breathe in the greenhouse, in polytunnels, in conservatories etc.
  • Spray early, before sunlight is strong, or in the evening.
  • If it doesn’t seem to work in the first moment of spraying (like more chemical sprays) inspect plants later for little corpses! If these are unsightly, wipe down the foliage or spray lightly with water to be rid of them. 
  • Size: 125ml with excellent fine clear plastic spray.
  • For economy, and for environmental purposes, we now offer a Refill size. This comes in a 250ml white plain plastic bottle. A separate Trigger can also be purchased here.

This Natural Aphid repellent spray is handmade in Dorset, contains no added chemicals and is made from entirely edible ingredients and so is safe on tomatoes, leafy vegetables, fruit – all your produce can be picked immediately after spraying.

Avoid direct spraying around skin or eyes.
In case of irritation rinse with cold water.
Keep can out of reach of children and pets.

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Add-on Spray, 125ml, 125ml Spray + 250ml Refill, 250ml Refill