Gift Essentials for Yoga & Mindfulness


Give serenity, calm and inspiration to every friend who’s into Yoga & Meditation. They’ll adore this unique YogaFresh Gift box, containing 3 fragrant Lemongrass blends: with Chamomile for calm, Rosemary for focus, PalmaRosa for fragrance & cleansing.



3 fragrant & calming sprays for YOGA & MEDITATION

1:  CLEANSE & INSPIRE Lemongrass & Palma Rosa

All-natural Lemongrass & Palma Rosa Yoga Freshener Spray 
is the perfect inspiration for all Yoga practice
Cleanse & Inspire, is made with pure Lemongrass, Lemon Eucalyptus & Palma Rosa all inspiring and cleansing essential oils. Brilliant for cleansing & purifying Yoga kit after use, the added  anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties make it perfect for cleansing Yoga Kit after practice. Just spray lightly over Yoga Mat, then wipe dry with a soft cloth. The refreshing fragrance lingers over your Yoga Mat, inspiring you to breathe deeply.

2:  CALM & SERENE Lemongrass with Chamomile

All-natural Lemongrass Cedarwood & Chamomile Yoga Fresh Spray creates serenity and calm, keeping you in the moment.
A perfect gift for all who are into Mindfulness, De-stressing, Meditation, or those who need to court Sleep.
Calm & Serene has added Roman Chamomile, traditionally used to create tranquillity and calm, essential for both Yoga and Mindfulness. Spray lightly and inhale deeply. This is a great addition to carry in your handbag, to relieve day-to-day stress while working, travelling and at any time you are under stress..

3:  STAY FOCUSED with Rosemary, Cedarwood & Palma Rosa

Rosemary is the new wonder herb, helping to concentrate the mind and sharpen the memory. Blended with pure Lemongrass, Cedarwood and Palma Rosa, this is also a great gift for all who are facing stress, exams or difficult times.
Stay Focused with Rosemary, an effective natural aid for focus and concentration. In the last few months, Rosemary has been creating a stir, as a proven help for memory. This fragrant Yoga Fresh spray combines Rosemary with Lemongrass, Cedarwood & Palma Rosa, making it an ideal gift for concentrated Yoga practice, for the practice of Mindfulness and Meditation. It is a great aid during tests & exams, and for those days where you need to keep a clear mind, to concentrate intently, and to stay focused.


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First, Lemongrass smells wonderful – fresh, citrusy, uplifting. 
But it also has amazing natural powers: it is antibacterial,
 anti-fungal, naturally deodorant & a natural insecticide – 
Ideal for original, safe and deliciously fragrant gifts.
 All our products are chemical-free, safe to breathe.
 Effective. Laboratory-tested. Made in Dorset.
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