Gift Essentials for Gardeners


Every keen gardener will thank you for this brilliant new Gift idea containing 3 Garden Sprays that are ‘green’, safe & effective. Made from all-natural, chemical-free essential oils, including Lemongrass & Neem, these sprays deter aphids, midges and wasps. They are safe to breathe, laboratory tested, and environmentally friendly.



3 safe, effective, 100% Natural insect sprays
that are chemical-free & eco-friendly



1:  ANTI-MIDGE SPRAY with Bog Myrtle
This 100% natural and effective Anti- Midge Repellent Spray is made from pure Lemongrass essential oil blended with Bog Myrtle, traditionally used in Scotland to deal with midges, plus Lemon Eucalyptus: safe to breathe and entirely chemical free.

This Midge repellent is safe and effective, with a refreshing citrus fragrance that gardeners love and only insects hate! To use: spray lightly and often on arms, throat and hairline to prevent those painful midge bites. Completely natural, pure and safe, this Lemongrass Midge Spray contains no added chemicals, no synthetics, no artificial fragrance or preservatives – unlike so many other Insect Repellents that are full of harsh and often toxic chemicals.

2:  ANTI-APHID SPRAY with Neem
Lemongrass & Neem Natural Aphid Spray is safe, effective and does not harm bees or the environment. Safe to breathe and safe on crops. Environmentally friendly. Suitable for use indoors (in greenhouse or polytunnel) or out of doors, on arms, wrists, or ankles.

Our new Aphid Natural Lemongrass Spray works quite differently from other chemical sprays that can be toxic. Our all-natural spray works by breaking the breeding cycle of Aphids. We use no synthetics, no added chemicals, only natural plant ingredients that stop the larvae from feeding. Laboratory Tested by the University of Bristol. Safe to breathe and safe on crops, fruit, salads.

3: NATURAL ANTI-WASP SPRAY that’s edible!
This Anti- Wasp Lemongrass Repellent Spray is all-natural, safe and effective because it is made from purely edible plants. That makes the spray perfect for Gardeners, completely safe to spray near fruit, salad stuffs, all food crops – wherever Wasps appear.

Many other Wasp Sprays are made of harsh – and sometimes toxic – chemicals, so the purity and natural safety of our Lemongrass Anti- Wasp Spray is unique. Our Wasp Repellent Spray contains no added chemicals and all the ingredients are edible so it is safe to spray on your crops or near food or drink. Keep this spray handy every time you intend to eat out of doors, to ensure that wasps don’t ruin your best occasion.


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First, Lemongrass smells wonderful – fresh, citrusy, uplifting. 
But it also has amazing natural powers: it is antibacterial,
 anti-fungal, naturally deodorant & a natural insecticide – 
Ideal for original, safe and deliciously fragrant gifts.
 All our products are chemical-free, safe to breathe.
 Effective. Laboratory-tested. Made in Dorset.
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