Lemongrass Car Freshener




Perfect Gift for Any Driver!

Lemongrass Car Freshener Spray made with no chemicals or synthetics – just pure Lemongrass which smells wonderful and is safe to breathe. An all natural deodorant that will freshen every car

This is what any driver needs in a car – a luxury 100% natural Lemongrass spray that is fresh, deodorant and safe to breathe, unlike so many Car Fresheners. You are in such a restricted space in a car – imagine a pure, safe Freshener for your car.

Some of the chemicals in other Car Fresheners are actually toxic, dangerous to breathe! Lemongrass has a delicious citrus fragrance that will freshen the air of car, stuffy caravan or any smelly vehicle. Lemongrass is also anti-bacterial and a natural deodorant, and absorbs unwanted smells like cigarette smoke, spilt milk, or a dog after a long wet walk!

Store in the glove compartment or under car seats – just as long as you keep the spray out of direct sunlight.
Perfect too for caravans that have got damp or a little musty. Handmade in Dorset with pure Lemongrass essential oil and other plant extracts, with no added chemicals, the spray effectively removes any unwanted odours and pet smells. The spray is family and pet safe to breathe and has an uplifting, crisp and fresh citrus fragrance.

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  • Lemongrass Car Freshener Spray, no chemicals, natural, fresh, deodorant

  • Luxury Lemongrass Freshener suitable for car, caravan, all vehicles

  • Handmade using pure Cochin Lemongrass essential oil blended with other plant extracts
  • No added chemicals
  • 100% natural
  • 50ml or 200ml Sizes
  • Family & pet safe
  • Makes your car smell wonderful
  • Purifies the air
  • Removes unwanted smells

Shake well and spray lightly.
Store out of direct sunlight.


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50ml, 200ml