Lemongrass Linen Spray



Lemongrass Linen Spray

Take the pressure out of ironing! This Lemongrass & Sweet Orange Linen Spray has a delicious fragrance that lifts the spirits, freshens your linen, and is safe to breathe.

Use the Lemongrass Linen Spray to dampen dry laundry before ironing, to add moth protection, or simply to freshen bedding, curtains or upholstery. – ideal when there’s a lingering smell of pets or cigarette smoke in your furnishings. 

Made with pure essential oils and hydrosols, Lemongrass Linen Spray is blended with delicious Sweet Orange & quick-drying Witch Hazel, and other natural plant extracts. The spray  leaves no marks and air dries quickly after ironing. No added chemicals, no synthetics, no artificial fragrance means that the Lemongrass Linen Spray not only smells wonderful but is refreshing, purifying the air, and completely safe to breathe (unlike so many other sprays, some of which are actually toxic).

Spray lightly before or after ironing. This non-aerosol Lemongrass Linen Spray is also suitable for lightly spritzing in the linen cupboard, giving mild moth protection. To encourage a good night’s sleep, scent your sheets and pillows with the fresh fragrance of crisp, clean citrusy Lemongrass and Sweet Orange. 

  • Uplifting fragrant Linen Spray
  • A brilliant aid to ironing.
  • Does not leave marks.
  • 100% natural essential oils and natural plant extracts.
  • No added chemicals – no preservatives, no animal testing.
  • 125ml elegant aluminium bottle with fine spray.
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Safe to breathe. Family and pet safe.
  • Always allow to air dry.


Take a  our brilliant Christmas selection. The Lemongrass Gift Essential for House & Home
contains 3 elegant sprays to fill the hearts of family and friends with joy:
Lemongrass & Cedarwood Anti-Moth Spray (125ml)
Pure Lemongrass Room Freshener (125ml)
Lemongrass Linen Spray (125ml)

Shake well. Spray Lightly. Store in a cool place.

Avoid contact in eyes. In case of irritation rinse with cold water.
Store away from direct sunlight or heat.  Not for consumption.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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