Optional Add-on Trigger Spray



  • Optional Add-on Spray

For Lemongrass Room Freshener, for Lemongrass Aphid & Lemongrass Anti-Fly Refills

For Refills: this Trigger Spray fits Lemongrass Aphid, Anti-Fly, Room Freshener bottles.
For your economy, and for environmental reasons, we are now offering Refills. These plain PET bottles contain double the amount of formula (250ml) for the same price as a recyclable aluminium can (125ml).  Simply unscrew the aluminium spray and pour in mixture and replace the top.
But if you wish to use the Refill bottle directly, this clear and sturdy Trigger Spray, which fits the neck of all our bottles, is available as an add-on purchase.


Free postage and packaging within the U.K.
[If you live outside of the U.K. please Contact Us for a delivery quote.]


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