Remember this iconic picture of Katharine Hamnett bravely wearing her anti-nuclear T-shirt to 10 Downing Street in 1984,
showing Margaret Thatcher f
or once lost for words!

33 years on her important new message is SAVE THE BEES. 


Now Katharine Hamnett has designed a great SAVE THE BEES T-shirt for the excellent @PAN-UK, (which stands for Pesticide Action Network UK).

PAN_UK’s mission is “Promoting safe and sustainable alternatives to hazardous pesticides” – a vision we share at The Lemongrass Trading Company.

And we’re adding a Photo showing the PAN_UK T-shirt plus our brilliant CHRISTMAS GIFT BOXES, each with 3 safe, eco-friendly sprays. This one is a Gift for GARDENER’s –
Lemongrass sprays that will tackle APHIDS, repel MIDGES & keep WASPS away from our food, without contamination.

Using Lemongrass (did you guess?) and other plant extracts – especially Neem – we are dedicated to making effective and chemical-free, all-natural sprays that are:

° Safe to breathe
° Safe for beneficial insects
° Safe in the environment (no water or soil residuals).

How does it work?
The amazing thing about Lemongrass, in addition to smelling wonderful to human beings, is that it disrupts the behaviour of pernicious insects. Those unpleasant and destructive insects that bite and suck are dependent on their acute sense of smell.

Have you wondered why Mozzies hone in on you?
They can smell your sweat (sorry!) from 200 yards apparently

Here are some of our eco-safe insect sprays:
° Anti-MOTH – effective and safe to breathe in your bedroom
° Anti-MOZZIE – deterrent and Deet-free
° Anti-APHID – Neem stops the larvae feeding
° Anti-WASP – the ingredients are edible, ideal for Picnics etc.
Just ready to launch: our brilliant Christmas Gift Boxes:
They solve the Christmas present problem for so many friends and family – and what’s more, we’ll do the packing & posting for you for free.
Give a Lemongrass Gift Essential Box:
° for GARDENERS (deals with Midge, Wasp and Aphid);
° for HOUSE & HOME (Anti-Moth, Room Freshen; Linen Spray);
° for TRAVELLERS (Anti-Mozzie, Fly and Room Freshener;
° for YOGA & MINDFULNESS (To Cleanse, To Calm & To Focus)
SAVE the BEES, SAVE the PLANET and SAVE time on Christmas hassle – all at together!