As someone that’s got a phobia of wasps I genuinely recommend this product as a way of keeping as many away from you as possible and it’s really reassuring to have it to hand to spray if they do come near. I’ll definitely be buying it again each Summer!


August 24 2018

Just wanted to say a huge thank you. Your anti wasp spray worked wonders on our recent holiday to Greece. Recommended to fellow holidaymakers so hopefully generate some more orders for you!


August 25 2018

Many thanks. I ordered the insect repellents last year and they were great. I managed a week’s holiday (in south of France) without being bitten which for me was amazing. I am usually bitten all over.

…the fragrance is lovely and the fine mist very refreshing.


June 5 2018

Hello Stacy,

Just wanted to let you know that the mozzie and fly sprays were a great success in Spain! I’ve also been spraying myself before I sit in the garden … which certainly keeps them at bay.


August 5 2018

Just received first order which arrived promptly and was packaged beautifully. Had a gift of refresher spray included which was a nice thought and gave me the chance to sample it. Great service – will definitely be back.


August 12 2018

Having been introduced to your product by Cheddar brewery and having suffered a fruit fly problem in my pub for some 3 months. I am very pleased to say that my problem has now been eradicated!

We had scrubbed and cleaned every nook and cranny, burned citronella, fly sprayed (3 times before opening) and even burned joss sticks (on someone’s recommendation) to no avail!

However, after using your Lemongrass spray for one week, my fly problem has gone. Thank you.

We will continue to use your product as I don’t wish them to return, plus, the fact that it is non toxic and leaves a fresh smell, why wouldn’t I?

I’ve been a publican for 33 years and I highly recommend your product.


February 18 2018

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. It has a lovely smell & works very well in my conservatory, has been a delight to use over the recent sunny days when all the doors have been open.


June 15 2018

My ultimate moth deterrent

Anna Murphy

Fashion Director of The Times, 01 July 2015

Dear Stacy,
It was so good to find that you remembered me – and thank you very, very much indeed for the extra goodies you included with my order. i am very grateful. I continue to be delighted with your products. My use of them may be a little unorthodox, but it works for me. I find that if I spray my most vulnerable carpets and curtains at night, that keeps the moths at bay. It has done so far and – fingers crossed- I very much hope that will continue. Thank you again and all good wishes,


29 June 2017

Hi Stacy,
We have tried your Lemongrass Anti-Moth products in the office and we are in lust!
We will be including the range in the magazine in June.


Knit & Crochet Magazine, May 2016

Thank you so much. Your product is amazing! I’ve just placed an order for 6 more bottles, so please do let me know the postage for it to Geneva. I was thrilled with the Anti-Wasp spray: I was at a rooftop bar last night which was plagued with wasps – all except our table, where I used your spray liberally. We also have a hornet problem due to the dry, hot summer – I don’t know if you think it might work on these as well? [Yes!] Anyway, I thought I’d give you this feedback and I look forward to keeping the wasps away in future!

Sarah H

Switzerland, August 2016

Have been cleaning and spraying today and the smell is just lovely so hopefully, our little visitors will now b****r off!


The smell is fabulous, very refreshing!

F. Patmore

London, June 2016

Wonderful for the bathroom – my husband and I both love the smell. I’m telling all my girlfriends! Thank you.



The Car Freshener Box has arrived, after a little delay at Customs. Thank you for your kindness and help over delivery to the US. The Leomongrass spray smells wonderful.

Raymond J W

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The smell is delicious, and I hope I can kill off the moths that seem to be loitering in my closets.


On location in Andalucía, the essential anti mosquito spray that works, and is chem free! Thank you Stacy, Amanda

Amanda R

El Puerto de Santa Maria, 17 August 2016

We watched an outdoor Shakespeare performance where everyone was batting away the midges. We seemed to be in a small, safe bubble of midge-free air, thanks to the Lemongrass

Mike L

Scotland, September 2015

I was at a rooftop bar last night which was plagued with wasps – all except our table, where I used your spray liberally.

Sarah H

Switzerland, August 2016

This works! The spray reaches the parts that others don’t – it’s not just my teenage son’s trainers but his bedroom too that now smells good!


Hooke, August 2016

I’d like to THANK YOU for the attention you gave me. I did receive my package today GOOD JOB THANKS

Henry R.

West Covina, California, 9 September 2016

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