Those terrible clothes moths will soon – all too soon – be hatching. From April  to October look out for them as they flutter into cupboards and out of your precious clothes – and they will!

But it’s not too soon to start preventative measures.

It’s not the moths that do the damage but the tiny creatures hatching from the eggs that were laid last year. Nothing, not even dry cleaning will destroy the eggs, so we turn our attention to the moth’s life-cycle. Resolve to stop them hatching.

Weapon 1: the Freezer

After all that Christmas feasting, do you have some extra space in your freezer? Try to forestall those virtually invisible moth’s eggs from hatching in your cashmere. Take one or two garments at a time, make sure they’re spotlessly clean, wrap in an airtight bag, and pop in the freezer for THREE WEEKS to destroy the life cycle. Resolve to do this every three weeks, and from now till April, that will protect quite a few garments.

EXTRA TIP: make a note of the date on your package – I can never remember when 3 weeks is up otherwise!

Look out for more Anti-Moth tips to follow.X


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