Q: Why do Wasps exist at all?

The sole purpose of a WASP seems to be to spoil the party


There are some questions about Wasps that need to be answered.
• Why do Wasps exist at all?
• Why do Wasps turn up in August, when least wanted?
• Who invited them to our picnic?
• And of course, what best to do about them when they arrive?

Q: Why do Wasps exist?
A: It turns out Wasps do actually serve a purpose. Wasps, like bees, are classified as beneficial insects! They are good pollinators. Also, as scavengers, wasps help to keep down any number of other non-beneficial insects. It’s just bad timing that Wasps and Humans want to be out and about in August!
Q: But why in August?
Just when we can at last get friends round for some delicious BBQ, just as we sip our refreshing Pimms, just as we set out a picnic in the park… buzz, buzz buzz, here comes the Bees’ evil twin, the uninvited and unwelcome Wasp.
 A: The thing is Wasps aren’t really looking for someone to sting, they’re looking for food. This alters during the season – their larvae need protein-based food in early summer; then energy-rich sweeter things later on. The problem gets worse for us in August, because the young wasps are larger and hungrier. Obviously the trouble starts when it’s OUR food they are after.
Q: How do they find the party just as it starts?
A: Wasps have an acute sense of smell- they can pick up a scent at 200 metres we’re told. Colonies will send out single ‘scouts’ to detect promising sources of food. These scouts come back to the nest to tell the others. And that’s what triggers the picnic invasion. So try and deter the very first wasp you see.
Q: How?
A: If you can trap it – say under a glass- all well and good. Otherwise, this is the critical moment to spray with repellent, preferably a natural, non-chemical and eco-friendly spray like the Lemongrass Trading Company’s Anti- Wasp Lemongrass Spray https://www.lemongrasstrading.com/product/anti-wasp-spray/
This natural repellent works brilliantly because the smell of Lemongrass disrupts the Wasps’ very acute olfactory nerve system (their sense of smell). Luckily, many biting and stinging insects – like Mosquitoes and Midges – are also confused and discombobulated by the smell of Lemongrass.
Q: And should we kill them?
A: Best not to try and kill them – the dead wasp gives off a smell that can make the whole colony angry.
Q: How best to react then?
The best thing is to stay cool.
• NO swatting with a rolled up newspaper. Sudden movement makes them aggressive. The last thing you want is to get the wasps upset.
• Try and keep the children calm as well – suggest they walk away for a moment.
• Then spray the wasps as directly as possible. Because the Anti- Wasp Lemongrass Spray is made of edible ingredients, it doesn’t matter if you spray the food, glasses or drinks.https://www.lemongrasstrading.com/product/anti-wasp-spray/
So, keep calm, try Lemongrass, and BON APPETIT!
and other insects –  Mosquites, Midges Moths: https://www.lemongrasstrading.com/3-ms-avoid-mosquitoes-midges-moths/