What We Do

The Lemongrass Trading Company makes the greenest insecticides you can ever find. Effective, pure and safe to breathe, the Lemongrass sprays also smell wonderful and refreshing.

We make 100% Natural products to keep insects at bay, to freshen and purify every home. Laboratory tested at the University of Bristol, our Lemongrass products will fill your cupboards, bathroom, kitchen, nursery, car and workspace with its fresh delicious smell. They deter insects ­like clothes moths and mosquitoes in the home. But according to our customers – who use their fresheners and sprays in kennels and stables too – the Lemongrass deters wasps, flies, fruit flies, even dog fleas. Humans absolutely love the smell, while insects positively hate it! The products are 100% pure, pet- and family-safe.

Our Lemongrass Sprays, Insect Repellents, Air Fresheners, Soaps and Sachets are hand-made and mixed using pure Lemongrass Oil – plus pure Cedarwood Oil for the Anti-Moth Range, and Scottish Bog Myrtle against Midges. We add no preservatives, no chemicals, no synthetic fragrance – that’s why all our products smell clean, fresh and uplifting, and are safe to breathe.


But our natural Lemongrass is not simply a delicious smell, it has powerful extra properties

  • Anti-bacterial: (for example Lemongrass is an ingredient in Dettol)
  • Deodorant: Lemongrass absorbs unwanted smells – cigarette smoke, nappies and wet dog!
  • Anti-Insect: Moths, Mosquitoes, Mites & Midges just can’t stand the smell!
  • Larvicidal: targeting the larvae in our Anti-Moth spray means that when the eggs hatch, they don’t stand a chance to get chewing on your precious cashmere or woolens.
  • Edible: all the ingredients in our Anti-Wasp spray are edible, so it’s safe to spray them at picnics, BBQs, or over outdoor drinks and food. Some people say it adds to the flavour!


It shocked us to discover how many toxic ingredients are included in many air and car fresheners, even in soap – and these are what you breathe or use on your skin. From the start we resolved to use only pure, plant-based ingredients of the highest quality. Our Lemongrass grows wild in the beautiful state of Kerala, South India – known as God’s Own Country. To get technical, Cochin Lemongrass has the highest citral content in the world, and that is what works against insects.


All our sprays are made from plant extracts.

No added chemicals or synthetics.

No artificial fragrance.

No animal testing.