Who We Are

The Lemongrass Trading Company is a family company, based in West Dorset, but with life-long associations with India.

It was by chance that we first came across Lemongrass Essential Oil, in Ootacamund, a renowned Hill Station of South India. In the days of the Raj the Governor of Madras and his entire entourage would shift up to ‘Snooty Ooty’  to escape the summer heat. Here, in the famous Rose Garden, where over 3000 varieties of roses are grown, we found a temporary stall run by a local Farmers’ Cooperative, selling their home grown, harvested and distilled Herbal Oils.  We bought our first small bottle of Lemongrass Essential Oil, and were enchanted by its fragrance. It was fresh, citrus-y, delicious  – and to us completely NEW.

The smell of Lemongrass

First we fell in love with the wonderful smell of Lemongrass. We splashed a little of the oil in our bathroom and the Lemongrass absorbed all unpleasant odours, and the air smelled fresh and delightful. A few drops on our linen refeshed and renergised us, and knowing it was completely natural and  free of chemical additives, we breathed the fresh, citrus-y smell with delight.  Later we learned that the fragrance is renowned for refreshing the body and uplifting the spirit. We wanted to find out more.

Lemongrass deters insects

We also discovered that the stems and leaves of Lemongrass had traditionally been used to deter unwanted insects. Stems were placed in the corners of a room to keep away insects, and leaves packed into trunks full of precious fabrics to deter those terrible destructive Moths.

We started sprinkling a few drops of the Lemongrass Essential Oil in the rooms we stayed in, and found that Lemongrass was keeping mosquitoes, midges and moths at bay. For centuries that’s how Lemongrass has been used  – we’ve found it still works!

Lemongrass and health

Moreover, Lemongrass has for generations been used extensively in medicine, for its powers as a deodorant, as a disinfectant, and an anti-bacterial ingredient. We were told how widely Lemongrass features in the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic medicine and also in modern medicine. You have almost certainly used it unknowingly yourself: Lemongrass is an ingredient in Dettol, for example. And in Aromatherapy, Lemongrass is used to uplift and re-energise the spirit.

Just a light spray in the air can make you feel good!

The Taste of Lemongrass

And then there was the Taste! Of course we had used Lemongrass stems in Thai cookery, delicious but (in the UK at least) it is fiddly and expensive. But our first experience of chicken infused with Lemongrass Oil was something else!  The chicken tasted so intensely of Lemongrass that we begged the recipe from the chef.  (Credit where credit is due, this was at the Taj Connemara in Chennai, South India)

By now we were in love with the smell and the taste of Lemongrass, and determined to bring it home, We resolved

  • to fill our house (and every one else’s!) with its divine, refreshing and natural smell
  • to fight those dreadful moths naturally – leaving aside all chemicals
  • to introduce Lemongrass Oil as widely as we could in other ways – we are planning to add its intense and delicious flavour into our Food range; and its deodorant  powers into a range of Body products,
    Watch this space!

And so The Lemongrass Trading Company was formed.

Thank you for reading about us!