Why Lemongrass?

We use only plant-derived ingredients, sustainable, environmentally friendly and we add no synthetic preservatives, fragrances or chemicals. We include no animal or petroleum ingredients, and (of course) there’s no animal testing.

Cochin Lemongrass

We use only Lemongrass of the highest quality – pure Cochin Lemongrass that is grown in Kerala, South India. Kerala is one ofIndia’s most advanced and enlightened states – so beautiful it is known as ‘God’s Own Country’. Cochin Lemongrass is famous as the highest quality of Lemongrass you can get. It has the highest citral content of any Lemongrass, and has a highly refined and delicious perfume. But it not only smells (and tastes) wonderful, but has other powerful properties.

Lemongrass is a powerful plant

For centuries Lemongrass has been recognised and used in medicine for its antibacterial and restorative powers, playing an important part in Ayurvedic and traditional Herbal Medicine.

In our range of Fresheners – for the home, car, bathroom, office, shoes – and our safe natural Insect Repellents,  we harness those traditional powers of Lemongrass to cleanse and purify, to refresh and restore the spirits and to deter insects – all the while smelling divine!

You will love the delicious smell of Lemongrass! It is wonderfully refreshing, cool and citrus-like – a fragrance just as suitable for men as women. You can refresh and purify the air of your Home, Car or your Office. Lemongrass has deodorising properties so strong it can even eradicate the smell of cigarette smoke. Lemongrass has also been used for centuries to deter not only moths but mosquitos and midges too!

Cochin Lemongrass

The Lemongrass plant – Cymbopogon flexosus – is a Herb that grows naturally in the wild. The plant is like a tall grass, and its fragrance and flavour come from the leaves and the stem from which they unfurl. It is native to India, and grows all over South and South East Asia. The Lemongrass Essential Oil that we use in all our products is distilled in Cochin, and recognised as the highest quality of Lemongrass that can be obtained,  with longer-lasting and more powerful fragrance and flavour.

Moth Deterrence can now be Chemical-Free

Lemongrass has long been known as one of Nature’s Weapons of Moth Deterrence! We make use of this traditional power, using our Cochin Lemongrass Essential Oil with its delicious smell, in all our 100% Natural, Herbal Anti-Moth Household Products.

We use NO Chemicals and NO Artificial Additives, only Herbal and Plant-based Ingredients that are 100% Pure, Natural, and Eco-Friendly. All our products are safe for Families, Children and Pets.

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